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this new mecker-page is a trial-trendy-version in esperanto of nosy-x-UG ( - risk for realistic view is at CIO of nosy-x UG - CIO has eaten one year oats, and yesterday at first time ate 4 Pizzas - )

Off-Topic: Austrian-Press about certain malware ( - source: obviously and else rainbow-press there behind the black-forest again behind their ass around the corner - in time of January 2015 (December?) - ) : hoa explicito this in espraranto ?! ou est nationalism ?! iedere natione e fascististico ?! developumus national-trojani pro iedere natione fascististicoloniale ?! NO ! iets EST NON TASCUM PRO LINUX-COMMUNTIES !? ah ! eh ! oh ! - sumus clara insumniomniambulus - ma perche tu est dottore ou tu e directore est cherche leur files for pro or contra title en new dottore ?! (?! o directore?!) est perche tu idoliarissimisti en D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-Dos ?! - do you need over-maso-dos ?! - perche tu non manger ?! - ah merci - encore idioti et ou sont les terre des hommes et les terre des femmes ?! - in iedere natione ?! - comment explicito cette term "babar" ou "barbar" ou "else-pretty-word" - "barrabas" ou "barbara" - (ou est difference en saint ou or holy) - problem pour translatione ?! - fuck ex-German-Bundesverwaltung of the 70ies with their Leon-Complex - they created "animal" for example for 11-09-2001 (and else shit happening bombs before?!) and this is the perpetual money for international Telekom or international Vodafone or the OVER-LORDIAN international Richmond - Redmond - Organisation - you can keep your premium larmrobo-Prize-forever in eternity ! - change the red-white-larmrobo simply in blue-white-larmrobo - with a new flavour of petrol or formaldehyd ?! true there is no maybe anymore - the reality is the term "there is no maybe" has changed into term "really impotent for mental health" because of too much smoking -

absolutely-topic: most nuts-contradictory-news-falsification about NSA-firmware ( - source: at least one witness for this in worldwide open-source-community - trash-news from ( - ) :

The reality is this was firmware-intended as attack of company facebook itself - in addition there are DVD-discs (and CD-discs) around with already in-burnt boot-sectors of facebook company itself - BUT these boot-sectors could simply occupy your computer for intentions of facebook only - and additionally to this facebook tried to conquer the company TEAC for compact discs !!! - but this company is still a company registered at Time-LIFE-Warner Company (LIFE is today not belonging any more to TIME WARNER but still an archive) ! - so then at same time a witness of Auschwitz was shot in a local food-shop (of the main company in Hamburg), BUT this local food-shop was private and not registered in Hamburg - after the assassination of this witness of Auschwitz then with a sudden this local food-shop then boomed after building-site to a GmbH - so what ?! is this accident or over-exaggerated connection which does not exist ?! - NO this was just a local victim so-called just as not-worth-to-be-mentioned ?! - and apparently only a deaf person over 70 years old (- she was able to talk at least in 6 languages, arabian language included, and to talk without in how many languages ?! -) - not worth to be talked about ?! - facebook is blind or does not care about deaf people ?! - therefore you understand that nosy-x UG cannot agree - as usual - to be member there at facebook - FINALLY NOT AND IN ETERNITY NOT - facebook has this to accept this as freedom of choice of CIO Schmitt and of nosy-x UG - NOT to be compelled to surrender in direction to be a member of facebook ! - and then the irony of this ray-photo is that the ray-photo of this witness-as-victim came from GE(GM) ?! - for what this ?! - period ! - clear - for what do we need electricity to understand then TV and the hourly lies about terrorists - it is a matter of food or a matter of sports - ?! - over-bishop or over-Lord or over-Telekom or over-Vodafone or over-Nikolaus or over-Mainzelmännchen - comment to me what you want to comment, and I still say the same - Keep your money or keep your comment in eternity - as normal deaf single-enterpriser of a small weird cosy caveous to-rent-flat have never ordered vodafone-cable as door-ring-bell - good night sleep tight - when was first radio-device in history ? - haeh, nah - just say ? - antique Romans tried to steal radio from nippon - Fazit is now this : the food-chain Trader Joe (or Trader Jack) respectivley Aldi-Sued has to register this again and to move into the rooms of the local food-chain-distributor of Edeka GmbH ?! - into the real background of marriages and of widower-ships nosy-x UG has absolutely no insight or no clue without cakepoof - but as you can see an impression of USA today in the film "about Schmidt" - there you can see the result of social-networks too.