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Disclaimer as explanation :

- New buzz is completely wrong : Carl-Valentin Schmitt has been said, to be conspicious as "terrorist". A
famous Neo-Nazi in Hamburg has declared Carl-Valentin Schmitt as "terrorist" in internet.
But fact is, this famous Neo-Nazi is boozing each week 200 halves beer and
wants to be then an undercover-agent. But he often is a drunken BlackHat-Hacker.
And fact is, that Carl-Valentin Schmitt is not an extremist and not a terrorist.

- I don't demand deposit !

- you put your questions in e-mail to me, and I answer them together with a bill

- I answer your questions as long as until anything is clear and understood in your interest

- only after you understood the answers completely and only after your computer-problem is solved, then you pay the bill

- so is NO letterbox-company which only wants cash by deposit !

- Carl-Valentin Schmitt is working on his own and at present alone without co-workers !

- there are NO FURTHER AUTHORITIES like a second or a third person !

- enterpriser Carl-Valentin Schmitt is deaf and does not make phone-calls with customers !

- I can fulfill emergency-missions at your location at home, in case, that your Computer is infected
with malware, BUT this at present only possible
in Münsterland and its suburbs/villages - for this there are different prices ! - or
you bring your own device to my adress (for this travelling-costs to your home will be deducted).