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Privacy do-it-yourself (December 2020) :

By general technical level of December 2020, a Quantum-
Computer is able to crack a password within 90 seconds.
Not only this, this password may have a size with 400 places
and it will be de-ciphered within 90 seconds.

This would mean by 1 Personal Computer run by a private User,
this password may have a size of 140 Megabytes. It would then be
cracked after a runtime of 1 year by a Quantum-Computer.
Of course only, when there is no melt-down.

When then a private user wants to save his privacy with
data-security included and with only 1 password for a time-span
of 10 years... then this password would have to have
a size of 134 Terabytes.

( A Quantum-Computer makes progress too and is by every year
3 to 4 times faster than before at average.)

If every European Citizen would participate as user and create
such password for 10 years with a size of 134 Terabytes, then
total mass-surveillance with Quantum-Computers could
not happen.