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Welcome to my service
with support via e-mail

+ + + for actual warning there is less reason to panic about ! + + +
- NO PANIC ! ! ! -
WARNING of new malware possibility ! -
- apparently so-called (pling-attacks)are planned again ? -
- this simply is because of a translation-error between Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA like South-America too ! -
( - could be misunderstanding between terms „pling“ and „spring“ ??? - roboters are hard of hearing ??? - ) -
- this is because time-shifts, calendars- and so-called „system-failures“ are due to hardware -
- as help against this - simply SWITCH your smartphones ( no - matter which system is running ) - OFF especially at weekends -
- in case you make an updated malware-check then switch off your modem and pull out the power-plugin of the modem -
- for at least 36 hours to 48 or to next 72 hours (this is regionally different) ! -
- this has nothing to do with conspiracy ! - this is simply a non-seen-bug by huge companies too -
- this is not because of smartphones only - it is simply the flood of transistors and antennas ! -
- ( this is NOT a created bug by nosy-x UG – the reason lies more in inhibitous social networkings of today society and due to to different edition of one-modelled-hardware which are available everywhere today ! ) -
- you may use of course your smartphone in case for emergency-calls
- loading the accumulator in state of switched-off is no problem ! -
- in any case of loading the accumulator then in energy-settings all modus-entries should stay switched off -
- anything else stays the same like before -
shopping-times in supermarkets stay the same and -
and the so-called „END OF THE WORLD“ is rejected at least to next time after 10.024 years !
- remember this - never recommended inhibitious social networks ! - this hint against malware-infection is meant for critical times around celebrity-days and patch-days (fights of companies) - (sigh and urks)

personally for you I have
the solution
without long crawling for !
Simple, quick and fair !

You mail your questions
to me and fullfills
IT-support for you !
( new customers please read first the disclaimer
in menu right )

As you like it - or better ...
put questions first ... ? offers support to topics like :
you have simply questions about a program ?

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for questions - to clear up - before
you start with
there are no fees !

+ + + hints from for + + +
+ + + the change from XP to Linux + + +

in case you have a machine with Windows XP ...
with beginning of 8th April
XP is only a zombie then !
B U T ... P L E A S E ... D O N O T ...
H I D E ... Y O U R M A C H I N E ... A W A Y ! ! !

your old hardware is top yet ! for example to
install Linux on it ! offers : copying of important
files of XP - then you can use them on in your Linux ( Office-files ) installs the perfect suiting Linux
for you and coaches you on for 4 months concerning questions
about Linux ! makes a check and then a suggestion about price
Your old machine can be tuned and will then run at least further 5 years !

change to Linux with personal coaching
via e-mail for 4 months costs only 59,- Euro
( according to usual pricings for Linux-courses )

Please pay attention !!! Currently Carl-Valentin Schmitt lives in Germany. (July 26th of 2020)
He CANNOT travel to USA or to Russia. (logo ... because of Corona-rules).

Carl-Valentin Schmitt is NOT a terrorist.
See disclaimer to the right in menue.

Disclaimer entry "Why" in menue right has been actualized !!!

here is the place for current malware-news of the week.